Sicher, sie werden Eric foltern um wieder an ihr Geld zu kommen - und alles, was er hat, ist seine Liebe.

Nicht nur für das Mädchen, sondern vor allem für Filme.

Kurzfim: 18:30 min

...eine Hommage an True Romance, Wild at heart, vor allem aber Bonnie & Clyde.
Deadline Magazin

Not only a shortfilm, it´s a lttle movie. The best short we ever had in our show
The Cult Movie Podcast

The film plays as a love letter to American gangsters from film and televisionand with that it succeeds.  -

There’s a quality to it that’s slightly eccentric and energised which is extremely enjoyable to watch, it has its darker moments but it has a heist like air to it, a fun yet dangerous edge. Put simply, it has an undeniable charm that’s a mix of confidence, romance, comedy and action. - The Filmcarnage

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